Blogging Superbowl Ads

Posted by joy

AdJab is blogging Superbowl ads.

Updated: I’m just going to categorize my own.

Liked: I liked the iTunes ones and the “I work with a bunch of monkeys” one. Robbery. NFL players singing tomorrow. Soldiers coming home (tugging on the heartstrings, I still don’t like watery beer). Clouding up the car windows. Cooking the cat. Working with a bunch of monkeys II. The nuts with the fairy tale characters. Working with a bunch of monkeys III.

Tasteless: GoDaddy. Apparently, the tasteless godaddy ad was pulled from a second showing by request of the NFL. Heh.

Huh?: The muppets (my daughter didn’t get that one).

Had to live during the 80s:MC Hammer.

Oooh lala: A single Brad Pitt drinks Heineken? I didn’t know that. (I missed the Diet Pepsi walking down the street one.)

Most likely to use the product they’re advertising: I work with a bunch of monkeys (careerbuilder). iTunes/Pepsi. Napster. Prius (ok, the commercial was cool.)

Lame commercials of the night: The Cadillac in the tunnel one. The countertop one. Frozen guy in a car (all three times of it is lame). Talking Baby. Tobasco. The easy button - seen that already, lame-o. Drug for can’t getting it up syndrome - even showing a couple in two seperate bathtubs. Verizon wireless miniaturization.

Ok: Bud light jumping out of an airplane. The guys on the picture phone. Budweiser Clydesdale wanna bes. The bold and smooth one. Pepsi truck.

Didn’t make an impression on me: The movie commercials. The rest of the car commercials. mbna. Comcast.

4 Responses to “Blogging Superbowl Ads”

  1. Arthur Says:

    What’s so extremely interesting about Super Bowl commercials??

  2. joy Says:

    well, because advertisers are spending 2.4 million to say something. I’m just hoping they’re funny.

  3. Chris Says:

    It seems like the ads have been getting more expensive and less entertaining. I used to actually watch the entire game for the commercials, but the past two years I’ve given up around half-time, completely unenthralled.

    … Of course, it’d be cool if the Seahawks were in the game for once, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  4. Chris B Says:

    Wow… seems like it was a bonus to be Canadian, and forced to not see the US ads. Then again, seeing a Canandian Tire ad each time the game came back on, well, that’s not so special either.