Question (re: Fox Sports)

Posted by joy

Who dressed Terry Bradshaw? He’s got more pastels on than a bad 80s music video. And that out of control goatee. It’s called “shaving”.

Jimmy Johnson’s purple tie is just…classy.

Paul McCartney is ROCKING OUT. Good choice Fox. He looks like he’s having alot of fun onstage.

Sunday Bloody Sunday isn’t a good montage song. Sorry.

Update: 9:15pm Tied, finally.

Update 2: 9:30ish Not so tied.

Update 3:Pats 10 points ahead.

Update 4: 24-20…with over a minute and a half to go. Or, rather 24-21.

Update 5: 17 seconds to go….. damn, this is awful.

Update 6: Ah well.

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