Posted by joy

Tonight I had to do a drive to Jersey, and I was in the mood for some driving music. Unfortunately, all of my CDs are currently sitting my office, so I had to flip through the paltry radio offerings of South Jersey. Flip, flip, flip. Billy Joel. Flip, flip, flip. Corelli on WQXR. Flip, flip, flip. Some unidentifiable “new” music on Top 40.

Then as I was getting closer to home, I finally stumbled upon an astounding set on WXPN, including an OHMYGODITROCKS track called E-pro (this is a mixed version of what I heard) from the upcoming Beck album, some piano jazz, The Sound of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie and a hithero unknown (I’m not sure if it’s new) Camper Van Beethoven song.

Man, I feel like I should be wearing dark rimmed glasses and wearing my hoodie…. oh, wait, nevermind.

2 Responses to “radio”

  1. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    I do miss XPN; when I worked in So. Jersey i could always find something interesting to listen to. Brings me back to my ol’ college radio days.

  2. Steve Says:

    Damn, that Beck track does rock. I may actually have to go to the Cd store and get this album.