cool osx tricks

Posted by joy

Does anybody have any really knock your socks off OS X tricks that would just wow a group of kids?

I already know about the say command which when executed at the command prompt, a voice speaks.

2 Responses to “cool osx tricks”

  1. DaveW Says:

    Hm, hold the shift key down when you minimize a window to see the genie effect in slo-mo. Some screen savers (breveswarm, chimera, fireflies, fluid) have kick-ass graphic effects. Expose? The cube effect in fast user switching (or Desktop Manager)? iTunes visualizations?

    Depends on the particular group of kids. Some of these are good for a one shot, others like the slo-mo genie effect kids like to see again.

    Have fun!

  2. Arthur Says:

    vi…. I mean, while they’re leaning about OS X as a UNIX OS, you may just as well teach them how to use vi to correct those bloody important ls -la files.

    Uh. I’m serious.