iTunes User Agent

Posted by joy

I was caught a bit surprised when I started seeing the iTunes user agent in my logs. Apparently a few of you downloaded via iTunes. Which is cool.
Agent: iTunes/6.0.4 (Macintosh; N; PPC)

Like an RSS reader, when you open iTunes, the program will go and fetch the feeds for any podcast subscriptions you may have. From my experience using iTunes, you don’t have to go and actively search for the podcast feed. This fetching seems to occur when the program is merely opened - for example, I hadn’t actively “updated” my podcast feeds in iTunes.
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  1. bert Says:

    I’m subscribed…Like Safari, you can set iTunes to check at various intervals (each hour, day, week, and such) sooo…when can we expect more? :P
    (yes, this comes from someone who hasn’t updated his blog in many moons)

    P.S. The volume level was really kinda low on the last one, had to turn it up.

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