a sound just for kids

Posted by joy

One very amused 8 year old wanted me to blog about the sound that adults can’t seem to hear. I tried to, but I could only hear it if I had a pair of headphones on with the sound at full volume.

However, I suspect that if I were younger, having that sound as a ringtone would be mighty annoying.

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  1. fluffy Says:

    I could still hear it but not as well as I would have a few years ago. I’m getting old. :( I can still hear a TV which has been left on though!

  2. bert Says:

    I heard it loud and clear, even from another room. Didn’t seem to bother the dog at all though, which is kinda weird, as he tends to hide in another room whenever I have a Heat game on the TV. Must be the crowd noise I figure…or how badly the Heat have been playing the past few games.

  3. fluffy Says:

    Hmm, actually, listening to it on decent speakers I can hear it just fine. The version on The Register via the crappy sound chip on my work computer was hard to hear but even on my Powerbook speakers it’s pretty loud. I only even though to check again because they just did a news story on it on TV and through my audiophile-grade sound system it was quite painful, even.

    Maybe I’ll try using this as my ringtone. :D

    The tone sounds like it’s in the 12-14KHz range (I’m feeling too lazy to check its spectrum right now) which would put it way below the “pisses off dogs” range (which I think is around 20KHz).

  4. Charlie on the PA Turnpike Says:

    I heard it on my PC, and on my cell phone. In random tests, no one seemed to be bothered by it. This includes adults, children, and one cat.

  5. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    I did some random testing at my office: most in my office couldn’t hear it on my cell phone: of those that did hear it, a few simply acknowledged the sound, 1 found it annoying, and one threatened physical harm to me if I ever played it again.

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