Web 2.0 is making my head explode

Posted by joy

A few odds and ends for the evening…thinking about what could drive traffic to a site…

-I signed up for a frappr account, although I am unsure on what to do with it.

-Talking about not fully getting it, you could add cleverhack.com or add the cleverhack.com feed or even the cleverhack podcasts feed to your Yahoo My Web account, but I am not sure why you’d want to.

-Technorati stopped crawling this blog (again) last week or so.

-Playing around with podcast directories, and I have to say that Podcast Pickle has the best community feel of them all. If you’re into building a community and all that.

-Oh, oh, oh… so I was pondering the idea of how so many people have such a large amount of feedburner readers (shameless link). It wasn’t until I put 2 and 2 together after noticing plugins for people helping them to redirect their blog feeds to a feedburner feed….I guess so they can track the number of readers….

-In the name of shameless promotion, you could always comment in the YouTube thread as it’s still getting great Google traffic…today I’m number 2 on page two of the Google SERPS.

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