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Posted by joy

Talk about a useful Web 2.0 site, whocalled.us is a site that utilizes user content for something good. In this case, creating a database of “unknown caller” numbers.

What happens is this, you see an “unknown caller” on your cell or Caller ID, and you go to whocalled.us to lookup the number. As of this writing, some of the most egregious “unknown callers” in the nation are listed, but the database can only improve with your help.

So if you can’t find the number who called you, just create a new record with the number and the time and date and any other information about the call. If your number is already in the FTC’s National Do Not Call List, Whocalled.us can also report your call as a violation to the FTC.

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3 Responses to “Who Called Us”

  1. joy Says:

    Oof. Did anyone else see that nasty looking security certificate warning when they went to donotcall.gov?

    Good freaking grief. It’s registered to “AT&T Government Solutions” not to the FTC. I guess that’s the contractor running the site.

  2. squid Says:

    Good idea; bad implementation. Who Called won’t last long if they allow violations like comment spamming and vote rigging. Users don’t even have a contact to report violations of the sites policy. Why would they even allow a hotlink in their comments? That’s great! You go there to try to stop being victimized over the phone and end up being fodder for web-crooks. Hey kids, don’t be afraid to ask an adult for help!

  3. joy Says:

    A response to the user above: I haven’t had any issues using the service. And now, a few months later, it’s quite amusing to see the sheer number of comments. That’s just amazing.

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