Dell Battery recall

Posted by joy

According to the NY Times, Dell is recalling 4.1 million lithium-ion batteries made by Sony and installed in laptops sold between April 2004 and July 18th 2006.

If you own a Dell (I can think of a whole heck of a lot of people off of the top of my head who could be affected, including my own Mother and certain bloggers), then go to to check if your laptop battery is included in this recall.

Heh. I just checked (at 6:53PM Eastern time on 8/14/2006) and there is nothing about the recall on the Direct 2 Dell blog.

Update1: Oh My. This keeps on getting better. The site is currently unreachable (7:04pm Eastern on 8/14/2006) and the Google cache dated 8/09/2006 for contains an earlier Dell Battery recall program. So, either the NYTimes got the url wrong or Dell is not ready with their Web site yet.

Update2: A visitor from Dell corporate clicked through to this entry from Technorati and surprisingly enough, Dell has responded on their blog. And they even mentioned that the recall Web site will be live after midnight Central Time tonight.

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3 Responses to “Dell Battery recall”

  1. Harald Koch Says:

    To be fair, other manufacturers have had battery recalls on Li-ion batteries, although not this large. When you pack that much energy into that little space, you have to be careful…

  2. joy Says:

    Yeah, most notably Apple has had a few lithium-ion battery recalls in the past. Although I thought their recalls were because of problems with a specific manufacturer and manufacturing process….

    Here’s evidence of a PowerBook that met an untimely demise.

  3. bert Says:

    Yeah, I just got a new battery for the MacBook Pro last week under their recall:

    Apple says there’s no safety risk, but I filled out the info late Sunday night and Tuesday morning the DHL guy was knocking on the door. They could have saved a few bucks and sent it ground.

    I guess I should send them back the old one soon.

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