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This has not been a fun Sunday evening. At about 4pm or so, my network went down for about 15 minutes. At first I thought it was just me, but as it turned out nearly all of my wifi neighbors dropped off of the face of the earth too - with only two left standing. The two left standing are not using Comcast.

What happened was that I got a new IP address that actually makes sense considering the geographic number system that Comcast seems to use in this area.

Unfortunately, it seems that my Netgear router kicked it when the network came back up, so no wifi through Netgear for me. I do have an Airport Express (thanks a certain Apple store in NYC) and I’ve been trying to configure that to be my network router. There’s some setting I’m missing since I’ve been playing around with it for the past 45 minutes and it seems not to be able to connect to Comcast at all. I can see the Airport Express and configure it. It just can’t communicate with the cable modem - and yes there is an Ethernet cable connected between the two.

If I sit next to the cable modem connected through an Ethernet cable, obviously I can connect to the Internet as I can write this. Hrm.

Update: I’m up. But only after a whole heck of a lot of rebooting and reconfiguring and cursing. Basically, it seems that I needed to powercycle the cable modem (several times repeatedly) with the AirPort Express already on and configured. I lost the link I was looking at, but the theory is that the cable modem would grab the new-to-the-cable-modem MAC address of the Airport Express.

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