site info for Monday, August 21st

Posted by joy

Here’s a few things happening with the blog….

-I’m getting immense amounts of traffic on this post about gabbly. Whoever is doing the referring must using some sort of javascript because none of the visitors are showing referrers at all. They are hitting my blog with all sorts of different user agents but no referrer string. I’m wondering if it’s a bookmarking site throwing the traffic and which one it could be…

-As part of the newest version of PodPress, I enabled the Mobatalk audio commenting system. I am not sure if I will like it, but I figured why not. Nevermind, disabled the plugin as it apparently fouled up some other plugins. I will troubleshoot later.

-I’m amused to note that I’m seeing a healthy audience of people interested in Web 2.0 services reading the blog. Some of them are following up on particular blog posts I’ve written and others are just following what I have to write about.

-Finally, my spelling can be atrocious at times. *ahem*

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  1. fluffy Says:

    I bet it’s something silly like a link which has to be copy-pasted on a prominent forum, or something.

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