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Webwag is yet another Web start page. In a twist that is bringing attention to Webwag, the project has been headed by an ex-Googler.

The beta site (which needs the follwing login U:wagyour P:webexperience) looks ok. At least the page elements appear ok, if not underwhelming a bit. I’ve tested the site on Camino/OS X, Firefox/OS X and Safari/OS X - and surprisingly, Firefox/OS X had the worst user experience.

The working parts of Webwag included:
1)The page elements are designed and render ok in the browsers I tested.
2)You can add a new page to your Webwag and name that new page easily.
3)You can edit and resize a pre-existing page module.

The not so great parts about Webwag are the following:
1)New page rendering takes too slow.
2)Content within the pages modules also loads slow for certain types of modules.
3)I have no idea on how to add a new module for content.
4)I never got the View Mode to switch view modes in the browsers I tried. The View Mode toggle doesn’t appear in Firefox/OS X.
4)No user instructions/help.
5)No working informational links, i.e. About.
6)No links to a contact page or a blog.

According to the comments in this blog posting, Webwag is apparently going out of beta tomorrow. Heh. Unfortunately, it needs to stay there for a while longer.

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  1. Franck Poisson Says:

    Hi there,

    Have you tested our public version ? Our blog ? Our toolbar ?
    Do not hesitate to push me any suggestions, remarks, bugs etc..


    Franck Poisson, Webwag

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