Hive Spy

Posted by joy

Ever want a real-time glimpse at what the big Web 2.0 social bookmarking sites are collecting, then Hive Spy should fit the bill.

Hive Spy basically collects feeds from digg, netscape and and presents them in a clever scrolling format.

What brought my attention to Hive Spy was viewing the following user agent in my logs. Hazarding a guess, I saw the user agent because a post of mine made it to Hive Spy. I don’t want to publish the IP address the user agent originated from, as it’s a residential Optonline and I’m betting it belongs to the Hive Spy creator.

Agent: yellowJacket/0.9 (Social Site Monitor HiveSpy.Com) AntFarm/1.000.1 HiveSpy.Com/1

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  1. HiveSpy Says:

    Yup, got a dev box in the basement doing some expiremental spidering.

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