Web 2.0 review - Webwag, MacScour, TagFetch and MyBlogLog

Posted by joy

I do believe it’s time for another Web 2.0 review…

First things first, I revisited webwag (previous cleverhack posts here and here) yesterday and I am pleased to say that the service is muchly improved since I last reviewed it.

The improvements include webwag user instructions on the main page, instructions on how to add a new feed and widgets, better labeling of the page tabs, a Yahoo search box front and center (heh) and an intuitive way to add and rename page tabs.

Moving on, while messing around on the Web yesterday, I happened to find an Apple news and Mac software updates page called MacScour. The black background reminds me of popurls. The design works (xhtml markup with alt tags even!) and the page renders nicely even though it’s pulling feeds.

MacScour will be entered into my bookmarks.

TagFetch happens to have a neat idea behind it - in this case searching certain Web 2.0 services for a particular tag, but the execution is half-assed. Aside from the page markup, which should be updated, I tried searching tagfetch for a few tags - including a favorite band of mine, a new browser I recently installed and a certain demographic. My searches, at least, timed out on some of the services.

While having a cute dog in your logo will always grab my attention and creating a static page for the tag search is a good idea, I think TagFetch needs some more work in order to be actually usable. I’ll look again in a few weeks to see.

Ending on one very highly addictive note, MyBlogLog happens to be the thinking person’s Orkut, if you could imagine that. I joined MyBlogLog not too long ago when it was still in beta and thought it was going to be yet another blog directory, but new services have been added in the meantime, and now the service offers a way to build a community around your blog. I stumbled upon MyBlogLog yesterday, not realizing that it had already gotten some sweet publicity this week.

Once I updated my profile and added an image on MyBlogLog last night, I started seeing traffic from my profile page and the cleverhack community page. In addition, I added the MyBlogLog widget you see all the way toward the bottom of the sidebar.

We’ll see how much traffic MyBlogLog actually generates for this blog. I will report back on that later.

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6 Responses to “Web 2.0 review - Webwag, MacScour, TagFetch and MyBlogLog”

  1. Scott Rafer Says:

    We’re working hard to get it right and get the word out. I look forward to the update once you’ve had more time to play with the service. If you have time to put the widget on your individual post pages (http://cleverhack.com/2006/10/29/web-20-review-webwag-macscour-tagfetch-and-mybloglog/) and other templates, we’ll do an even better job for you.

  2. L. Says:

    Webwag is very bad, my account disapeared, I use Netvibes instead ;-)

  3. Jamie Parks Says:

    MyBlogLog is a good addiction. A wonderful community seems to be building. I’ll be curious to know how it effects your readership. See ya around…

  4. The Zero Boss Says:

    Joy, same opinion of MBL here. It didn’t look like much at first, but now I’m diggin’ it. It’s my kind of networking system - one that leverages existing blogs, instead of trying to get everybody into a walled-off neighborhood. Nice work by the MyBlogLog team.

  5. eoecho | Greg Magnus Says:

    I found your site through MyBlogLog and I’m glad I did. After adding MBL to my site I checked out my reader’s sites including yours now. I wondered how many of my readers had content similar to mine. So far I like MBL. It was easy to setup, didn’t require massive brain power to grasp their concept, and the site seems to work as advertised.

  6. miguel Says:

    What do you mean about the static page? Do you think it will be a good idea to show the results in a static format? We’ve thought about doing this but it will mean having a “please wait” page while the server does the fetch. It seems more responsive when we show results as they come in. A static results page is on our todo list but it will be targeted to browsers/users that don’t support the javascript well. This will most likely be text readers, and phone/pda browsers. Thanks for the feedback.

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