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ThePort Network, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia offers a turn-key hosted Web 2.0 platform including a Web-based Newsreader, Desktop Newsreader, Blog Publishing, Social Networking Tools and RSS Desktop Alerts.

The say they have a few corporate clients, including a certain Philadelphia football team. At this writing, I can’t say anything about their Web 2.0 tools, since a demo isn’t readily available on their site - which isn’t very Web 2.0, is it?

The most ironic thing about ThePort though, is how I found the company. Their feed aggregator user agent appeared in my logs, so of course I had to take a look to see what they were about. I went to their corporate site front page, only to discover that they have no copy on their very important front page and instead are using Flash to mock up a tag cloud. Aside from the usability issues, that’s some terrible SEO. For a start, get some copy on the front page. (And instead of Flash, if they need to mock up a tag cloud they could have used an image and used image maps with some ALT tags for the links.)

I sure as heck hope they’re not trying to pull traffic from search engines.


Http Code: 304 Date: Nov 11 11:25:48 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: -
Referer: -
Agent: ThePort Web/1.0; subscribers 1

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