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TechCrunch covered two new podcast via cellphone services - Podlinez and Fonpods and out of sheer curiosity, I just had to investigate how such services would be executed. What’s interesting is the difference in the technology running each site.

Podlinez, the service which provides a phone number for each individual podcast (the cleverhack podcast number is +1 (818) 688-2726), is built on a LAMP infrastructure and the HTML markup is XHTML strict. As you can see, the site design is very simple (there’s a front page and podcast directory pages) and as the service grows, I would hope the design would become a little more sophisticated. No associated blog or FAQ or any other extraneous pages. There’s no description meta tags nor a descriptive title tag either. As you can see, the User Agent is perl based - and a URL to the Podlinez site would be useful.

Http Code: 200 Date: Nov 12 11:52:18 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 34556
Referer: -
Agent: CheezIt/0.1 libwww-perl/5.805

On the other hand, there’s Fonpods, which I think I’ve actually seen a few months ago. To use Fonpods, you create an account on the Fonpods site, choose the podcasts you want to listen to and then dial into the central (712) 432-3030 number (For reference, here are the cleverhack podcast codes).

As for technology, Fonpods uses the ASP .Net platform, and while they are using XHTML Transitional markup, their markup is commented. As a plus, the site looks pretty good (with the exceptions of the javascript button on the front page and the misaligned search button) in Firefox - it looks like most of the pages have text within images - which is fine for layout but you lose something in terms of SEO. If I were them, I would delete the extra meta tags in their page mark up…and add a meta description tag. Since Fonpods is dependent on one main phone number, I’d make sure that phone number was everywhere - for example in the page title tags, on the page banner alt tags, in page copy and on the page footer.

Http Code: 200 Date: Nov 12 12:12:04 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 34556
Referer: -
Agent: Fonpods

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3 Responses to “Podcast via cellphone - Podlinez and Fonpods”

  1. Jonathan Shaw Says:

    Just heard your podcast via Podlinez. I’ve listened to many a podcast on my phone, but only via the cumbersome process of downloading the mp3s, etc. Never thought I’d actual use my phone phone for podcast listening. Very simple. What a good idear!

  2. joy Says:

    Jonathan, I am impressed, I think you’re my first podcast listener via phone.

    As for the usefulness of listening to podcasts via phone, there was one commenter in the TC thread who thought it would be useful in a situation where there would be breaking news and he could, say, dial up CNN. He wasn’t sure if the podcast on a phone idea would be extendable to general podcasts.

  3. Andrew Darlow Says:

    Hi Joy:

    I listened to a whole hour of TWit yesterday using Podlinez and was quite impressed so I signed up as well. My Podlinez call-in number is 415-376-7216 (The Imaging Buffet podcast-G rated).

    The audio of your show sounded very good as well.

    If you post a new show, I recommend checking when it updates on Podlinez. My newest show has not shown up yet (I posted it about 8 hours ago).

    All the best,

    Andrew Darlow
    Editor, The Imaging Buffet

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