Posted by joy

I have like 12 tabs open in Firefox, including work email, with a few other miscellaneous windows open on the PowerBook. The cell phone is right beside me.

My daughter has been sick for the past few days, with a horrendous fever and sore throat and the accompanying congestion. She’s ok when the tylenol works but her appetite is diminished and she has less energy than usual. She’s old enough to get some amusement out of taking her own temperature with the thermometer, “Mom, it’s 101!”

After getting a continual busy signal this morning, I finally have an appointment for her to be seen by the doctor this afternoon. The current thinking is that it’s probably the flu. An upper respiratory viral illness. A certain someone will be hanging with Grandma & Pop Pop for the next few days.

The irony of all this? I was supposed to get a flu shot at work today. And my throat hurts now.

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