Eleventh Cleverhack Podcast

Posted by joy

Woo hoo, the Eleventh Cleverhack Podcast is here. Don’t get all excited or anything like that. This podcast covers such subjects as what’s been going on around here these past few months, my work is also my hobby (or the other way around), sessions I enjoyed at Ad:Tech, some new Web 2.0 sites including Blubrry, foneshow, meebo and twitter.

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Listen Now:

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3 Responses to “Eleventh Cleverhack Podcast”

  1. Nathan Hughes Says:

    That’s a very cool podcast insert thingy on your blog! I’ve never seen anything like it — very easy to use. The phone subscription is an interesting concept, too.

    I wonder if we might be able to use that at MCP TV for the “behind the scenes” podcasts…

  2. joy Says:


    The flash podcast player is part of a plug in for Wordpress called PodPress.

  3. Nathan Hughes Says:

    All these cool toys for Wordpress, and here I am on Typepad. I’m not exactly a coder, though.

    Just got finished listening to the podcast. Good stuff! (Sorry I’m not being any more specific, but it’s late on a Turkey Day and the t-phan is working it’s wonders on my brain.)

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