Rutgers (a little bit of) Heartbreak

Posted by joy

West Virginia 41 - Rutgers 39. Triple overtime. There was a bit of heartbreak as Rutgers couldn’t seem to muster just enough to seal the deal. The kids did really well, coming off of their best season ever in the history of Rutgers Football.

I noticed that Rutgers let the ball move way too much. Also, just looking at the West Virginia offense as compared to the Rutgers defense - the West Virginia guys are brutes. While Rutgers is fast, I think we need a few brutes.

Good game. And the upside is most definitely going to another bowl game this year. There is always next year for the BCS.

Also, just a factoid: I was driving around Southeastern PA during the early part of the game, and I passed by a local sports bar with all of their TV screens showing the game. As an alumni, I was a bit awed by that.

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  1. me Says:

    Alumnus. Unless your name is Legion.

  2. steve Says:

    The BCS needs an overhaul or something, or maybe the current pairings for National Champion are spot on. I dunno.

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