Easy Like Sunday Morning

Posted by joy

Some miscellaneous, not exactly technical thoughts for a Sunday morning.

-People who know me professionally ask if I’m bothered by them reading this blog. “Not really,” I reply. “I lead a pretty simple lifestyle.”

-One of the few things I enjoy on the weekends is sleeping in late and on Sundays, cooking breakfast. This morning there was a small glitch in that the milk had allegedly expired a two days ago.

-I am Fantasy! Football! League! Overall! Leader! going into this Sunday, however my crafty opponent has Willie Parker, who scored 28pts on Thursday night.

-There is a Guinea Pig named Cookie now residing in the household.

-I have this really lame joke about my PowerBook. When people ask me how old it is, I reply with “It’s three years old. I’ve had a longer relationship with it than with most guys I’ve dated.” Lame. Yes. I know. Well, what’s lamer is that the other week, I figured out that I’ve known my trusty, absolutely fabulous Web hosting provider for over four years. He indulges my obsessive log reading. I’ve known him for so long, I’m on a first name basis with him. Let the puns begin. ;-)

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  1. bert Says:

    So you’re fine with a three-year-old computer, but milk 2 days past the date scares you?

    (btw, I’ve always treated that date on the milk as merely a suggestion myself. The smell test is the test that really matters — unless of course, the no-longer-all-liquid test comes into play first.)

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