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Rutgers (a little bit of) Heartbreak

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

West Virginia 41 - Rutgers 39. Triple overtime. There was a bit of heartbreak as Rutgers couldn’t seem to muster just enough to seal the deal. The kids did really well, coming off of their best season ever in the history of Rutgers Football.

I noticed that Rutgers let the ball move way too much. Also, just looking at the West Virginia offense as compared to the Rutgers defense - the West Virginia guys are brutes. While Rutgers is fast, I think we need a few brutes.

Good game. And the upside is most definitely going to another bowl game this year. There is always next year for the BCS.

Also, just a factoid: I was driving around Southeastern PA during the early part of the game, and I passed by a local sports bar with all of their TV screens showing the game. As an alumni, I was a bit awed by that.

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SEO cagefight - Real Estate Marketing Guide SERP

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Recently I came across two Web sites - one a blog and the other a product page with real estate marketing products and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how two different Web sites are doing SEO.

First, what I did to compare them was to take a look at a keyword combination where I could both find them on Google (because you should be able to find real estate marketers via Google, right?). So I used the keywords “real estate marketing guide” to see how each site would rank in the returned SERP.

-The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog appeared first in the “real estate marketing guide” SERP. What’s interesting, aside from the fact that it’s a blog, was that if you take a close look at the Google SERP, the keywords “real estate marketing” are highlighted in both the blog title and the blog URL. This goes to show how important keywords in your page titles and your URLs are to high SEO ranking.

Other SEO best practices that The Future of Real Estate Marketing does includes image alt tags, meta description and keywords (although the practice of including meta keywords isn’t a high priority) and plenty of copy content on the blog’s front page.

-The product page appeared 5th in the Google SERP. Which isn’t bad for a page displaying products, in this case real estate marketing guides for sale. To see why the page appeared 5th, let’s go take a look at the the Google cache for the products page.

What is making the page not show higher in the SERP includes the fact that the URL does not have any real estate marketing guide keywords in it. While the page title says “Real Estate Marketing Guides” and image alt tags exist in the page source, there are no meta description tags. In addition, for a product page, while the page has keywords, it doesn’t seem that the page has enough copy with related terms or synonyms. In addition, a recently identified Google practice is the importance of immediate text on either side of the link anchor text - basically, Google judges the context of your links.

Now you may be thinking that The Future of Real Estate Marketing Blog probably has many more incoming links to it than ArmingYourFarming. Not really. Using the link: command in Google, The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog has around 540 incoming links and ArmingYourFarming has over 1300.

To summarize, I think that keywords in the URL and page title and well written descriptive copy with keywords, keyword synonyms and descriptive anchor link text are very important in SEO practices today.

MetaEuro Blog Crawler

Friday, December 1st, 2006

A search engine I suppose that is targeted towards, well, Europe, MetaEuro also has a blog directory. I daresay that the blog directory is even better styled than the plan jane search interface. I haven’t personally seen a referrer from MetaEuro, but the MetaEuro blog crawler visited cleverhack a few days ago.

Http Code: 200 Date: Nov 29 09:53:01 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 27088
Referer: -

Agent: Blog Crawler ( Java/0.3.2

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