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Joy Larkin 2016 - Technologist

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As a technologist and hands-on business leader, Joy especially enjoys devising and executing clever Sales & Marketing strategies to help startups and high-growth companies drive revenue. Her interests include Business Operations, Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Email Deliverability, and E-Commerce Strategy.

Joy has worked for a number of startups and high-growth companies over the past decade. Her previous experience includes a variety of roles in industries such as Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing/SaaS, B2B Publishing, B2C E-Commerce, Adult Technology Education, and Information Technology.

Joy first began cleverhack.com back in 2002 because she likes thinking about technology, why people visit Web sites and she wanted her own space on the Internet to explore. Also, it gives her an outlet for trying the latest and greatest - such as being an early tech adopter, examining new user agents, researching email deliverability, analyzing Google results pages, experimenting with podcasting (that was so 2006), and writing her bio in the third person.

Because of her work on this Web site, Joy has been recruited for new jobs (hire her!), been quoted in magazines, and has gained some Internet cred (she hopes). You can follow @joy on Twitter.

Joy is a co-founder of MomsToWork, a Web site for all working mothers (temporarily offline). She is a single mom to a terrific teenage daughter.

The author currently resides just outside of Philadelphia and she invites you to contact her via email at blog@cleverhack.com.