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User agent messaging

Monday, August 7th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

Yes, I do look at my log files.

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Monday morning commute

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Nothing like starting out your Monday nearly getting rear-ended on the way to work. The worst part about it is that a cop caused the near-rear-ending.

If I take 202 North to work, there is a usual backup right by where Route 30 merges into 202. Well, the cop in an unmarked car was sitting maybe a good 1/8 of a mile south of today’s backup. There was a big Chevy Suburban in front of me who slowed down before the backup. I couldn’t see why he was slowing down so soon, but at least I was paying attention to him, so I slowed down.

And then the car behind me wasn’t paying so close attention apparently and all of a sudden I hear a “screeeeeeeech“. I look in my rearview mirror to see a woman and a man in an old mazda with an “oh s***” look on their faces. Good grief.

Of course the cop was just sitting there (I’ve seen him there on a few previous mornings), slowing down already slowed down traffic doing plate checks. He didn’t have his radar on at all, as evidenced by my radar detector.

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A cleverhack wayback post with bonus photoblogging

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Way back in 2003, (if you want to get really technical about it October 2002) I started to blog. While my very first effort was handrolled, I later switched to an early version of Movable Type and then onto WordPress in 2004. This blog began as a curiosity, a personal Web site type of project and soon blossomed into something a little more concrete. As it was, 2003 happened to be one of those years in the life where the distraction was welcomed (and better explained over a beer).

When I started the blog, I was living in Vermont and working as a computer instructor (at one point, I was even called the best teacher ever by one of my students) and freelance consultant with part time irregular hours. The blog allowed me to network professionally and to have contact with others I would have otherwise never had met and I had my share of publicity too. Because of the blog, I’ve kept in touch with old friends, met some interesting folks in real life and over email (even dated a few) and landed my last couple jobs telling my employers that I blogged. I can’t complain about my blogging experience so far.

Having gotten some referrers for a particular old post recently I thought I would aggregate some of my older photo blogging exploits.

-A 120 Minute Photoblog
-Workblogging August 2003
-For You, My Dear Loyal Readers as featured in the (in)famous blog chicks post
-Ground Zero August 2003
-At Work
-Ben & Jerry’s Blogging
-Fall Pics 2003
-Apple Picking

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Thanks, guys

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

I appreciate the birthday wishes.

In case you’re out of the loop

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

concerning elementary school tween fashion, I hear it on good authority that the boys are wearing Tough Guys Wear Pink t-shirts.

I have no idea on the cultural significance of this particular shirt (other than you can get one at your local Hot Topic), so if anyone wants to clue *me* in…

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cleverhack auf Deutsch

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

My German is a little rusty but I think the thread here said nice things about this blog.

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snow day of sorts

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Typing this on the cell phone as the power is out at home and at work. So yeah. Lots of places without power, ran into a few impromptu four way intersections, people trying to find ice, hoping that something can be saved from the fridge.

Update: There is power at home now.

power is out - verizonwireless services unreachable

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

So we just had a line of somewhat powerful thunderstorms pass through the West Chester area. I went to text someone a few minutes ago and I got a message saying that the message could not be sent. Can’t reach verizonwireless voicemail either. Making a call took a few tries, while obviously there is EVDO service since I can write this… All of which makes me a little leery …apparently it just takes a strong thunderstorm to take out part of the verizonwireless network. Maybe I can take some time to figure out how to use this phone as a modem with the PowerBook.


Sunday, July 9th, 2006

I’m really sorry, the OK I have no idea who did it submitter posted the *wrong* link to FARK. (Oh and hi y’all - I read everyday but don’t post much…)

The correct link to the featured post (yes, it must be really slow on Saturday night for something like this to be accepted) is

Update: The link never made it out of Total Fark.

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So, who else had to work today?

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

A bunch of you, apparently, from what I could see in my logs.

Kinderstart update

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Earlier this weekend, Slashdot had a thread about the Kinderstart lawsuit. There was a hearing on Friday allowing the Kinderstart lawsuit to go forward.

I put a comment in there referring to my earlier Kinderstart search engine optimization blog posting. I quickly checked Kinderstart’s site today and found that they had at least changed the copyright date on their site to read 2000-2006. They still need to hire a new Web designer who knows SEO though.

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Search engines, permalinks and whether to let things be

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

I’m throwing 404s in WordPress tonight as I updated the permalink structure a few days ago and got rid of the /archives/ subdirectory.

Googlebot has been up and down my site tonight, but I’m wondering about whether to go and research a method to redirect the broken URLs with /archives/ or to just let the URLs to fade away as the site gets crawled by the search engines. If I let things be, the only problem would be incoming links to posts from the outside world - which I do not have that many. Most people just link to my home page.

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