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Sunday, May 30th, 2004

I’m in the process of installing wordpress, so just a few quick notes for y’all.

  • The blog URL will be rather than I’m setting up a redirect to help you guys out.
  • I’ve also set up a redirect for the folks who are reading me via syndication feeds. I really hope that move didn’t screw anybody’s newsreaders up.
  • I’m closing all old comments on the MT install. I’m sure this move will only upset the comment spammers. :-P
  • I won’t remove the old individual posts from the Movable Type install. So, your old linkages to me should be fine.
  • Old date arranged archives like should be deleted.
  • Ok, folks, gotta get to reconfiguring….

    Update 5/31: Still messing around with the look, but thanks to the wonderful Mark over at Mindful Musings who made his clean look template freely available to design incapable people like myself. I will be messing around with the look, but this is a good first start.

    Hello world!

    Sunday, May 30th, 2004

    First Post!