Posted by joy

I’m in the process of installing wordpress, so just a few quick notes for y’all.

  • The blog URL will be cleverhack.com rather than cleverhack.com/blog. I’m setting up a redirect to help you guys out.
  • I’ve also set up a redirect for the folks who are reading me via syndication feeds. I really hope that move didn’t screw anybody’s newsreaders up.
  • I’m closing all old comments on the MT install. I’m sure this move will only upset the comment spammers. :-P
  • I won’t remove the old individual posts from the Movable Type install. So, your old linkages to me should be fine.
  • Old date arranged archives like http://www.cleverhack.com/blog/archives/2004_03.html should be deleted.
  • Ok, folks, gotta get to reconfiguring….

    Update 5/31: Still messing around with the look, but thanks to the wonderful Mark over at Mindful Musings who made his clean look template freely available to design incapable people like myself. I will be messing around with the look, but this is a good first start.

    11 Responses to “WordPress!”

    1. Arthur Says:

      Good luck.

    2. Colin Says:

      Good luck, I switched over to textpattern recnelty also. I think a lot of people are ditching MT because of comment spam and the new pricing.

    3. Arguing with signposts... Says:

      Moving off the drowning ship?
      Linking to the g33k tonight brings the discovery that she’s moved to WordPress. Her blog is redirecting. I’m sure she’ll share the gory details of migrating blog platforms as she progresses. Which reminds me of this question: Will the MT…

    4. sarchi Says:

      Best Wishes

    5. Harald Says:

      I switched a week ago; I’m not sure if anyone has noticed yet :)

    6. ilan Says:

      very nice. =) i like the new look.

    7. Starbuck Says:

      Yup, looks very nice to me. Nice and clean.

    8. Neo Says:

      I don’t get the mass-exodous. Nothing really changed in the licensing and this appears to be more of a preemptive anto-corporate act than “voting with your feet” kinda thing.

      Most people point to MT’s new limit of 3 “blogs” per install. Cripes, how many “blogs” does one person need? I have seen all the movers have only one “blog” and well within the new license. What is it that I don’t see as a problem?

      This strangely reminds me of the New Coke era (for anyone over 25-ish) and how it totally blew up in Coke’s face, only this time there is no “new” Coke, just a larger/pricer “bulk” option in addition to what was and is still available in individual servings.

      Whatever, doesn’t make any sense sober or otherwise…

    9. Dianna Says:

      Swank so far!!!!

    10. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

      Love the new look… be sure to post your WordPress impressions so those of us still sitting on the fence with MT 2.6 can benefit :-)

    11. Shawn Says:

      Nice. I hope you add some color eventually, but overall it looks good. I should try using flat buttons on my site, if I ever start using it much again.