Posted by joy

Tonight I found a problem with the index.php template I am using. Originally the header had an a href of this echo statement.

< ?php echo $siteurl; ?>

This echo statement sets the header URL to the present page, which is a pain when one is on a comment page and there is no link *back* to the front page.

I only found this by commenting in a post, then realizing that I couldn’t return to the front page. Anyway….

2 Responses to “whoops”

  1. fluffy Says:

    A surprisingly little-known language feature of PHP is that you don’t need to say < ?php echo $foo?> - there’s a shortcut, < ?=$foo?>.

  2. fluffy Says:

    Argh. I figured this amazing piece of weblog software would be smart enough to entityify invalid HTML, especially since there’s no preview function. :P

    <?php echo $foo; ?> can be shortened as <?= $foo ?>