Clueless audiophile posts iTunes DRM workaround

Posted by joy

News at 11.

Well actually, this inane article at Gizmodo featurers a poster who just HAD to whine about how the new version of iTunes 4.6 detected his previously unDRMed music files. Thusly, someone suggested a workaround using a hex editor to strip his iTunes music store file of buyer information. Oh, the injustice of it all.

It apparently did not occur to the author that he a)could have circumvented the iTunes music store, bought the artist’s CD, then ripped into any format he wished. Or, even better, ripped his .m4p to audio then ripped the audio file into DRM free .mp3 or .m4a format.

In other words, if you don’t agree to the Terms of Service of the iTunes Music Store, then why the hell does someone download music from there?

But, somehow, this is all Apple’s fault for engineering a workaround to the file cracking because they are “beholden to RIAA”. On the other hand, if Apple fails to at least show some due diligence in thwarting the unDRM movement, then I would think Apple would stand to lose the support of RIAA.

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  1. fhreak - Joseph Ivanov Says:

    Totally off topic.

    Nice Redesign.. i always read your RSS, today i click to read this, so im seeing this first time and i like it…

  2. fluffy Says:

    Not to mention that audiophiles shouldn’t be buying iTMS content to begin with, since it’s overcompressed.

    The only iTMS tracks I have are their free singles downloads, and the only reason I unDRM them is because it’s a major pain in the ass to deal with synchronizing my music collections between my computers if I have to keep on authorizing them for each file and so on.