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CNN: Microsoft moving beyond One-Price-Fits-All Strategy in emerging markets.

It’s clear the rise of piracy in Southeast Asia and the low cost of open source alternatives are spurring Microsoft’s new approach.

The company said the initiative was geared mostly for developing countries, and that it was meant to fend off advances by Linux. But Linux poses little immediate threat to Windows on consumer desktops.

Even when Thailand was rolling out its cheap Linux PCs last year, officials assumed that a substantial number of them would be reconfigured with pirated copies of Windows.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance, a multi-industry lobbying group, estimates 72 percent of the business software used in Thailand last year was pirated. For Malaysia, the figures were 68 percent, while Vietnam tied with Russia as the world’s worst, at 93 percent.

Bonus (not work safe url name) Microsuck: Microsoft’s Really Hidden Files written mainly for Windows 95/98/ME.

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