OS X Internet Sharing with Windows 2003

Posted by joy

I’m in the middle of a personal project using Windows Server 2003. The problem is that I have the lab machine I’m working on in a place that has no internet connectivity, so what I want to do is connect the lab machine to my PowerBook running Panther and use the oft talked about Internet Sharing feature.

After too much struggle cause I didn’t understand the System Preferences>Sharing>Internet window, I finally figured out that the “Share your connection from:” pulldown menu was supposed to indicate the PowerBook’s LAN connection. Whoops. I’m trying to share the PowerBook connection via Ethernet to the Windows 2003 box. In all actuality, the PowerBook is providing a NAT to the router supplied private IP address. Within this secondary NAT subnet, the IP addresses I’m dealing with are (the PB) and (the Win2003 box).

At this point, the Win2003 box can ping the Internet thru the PowerBook connection. However, I’m getting errors trying to use Internet Explorer. I tried setting the address as a gateway for the Windows 2003 box, but no dice.

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  1. fluffy Says:

    Just to be sure, I assume you mean you’re sharing the AirPort connection over the Ethernet port, yes?

    This *should* work for 2k3 (it works fine for XP Pro), but YMMV:

    1. The dropdown should say AirPort
    2. Make sure Built-in Ethernet is checked, but AirPort isn’t
    3. Make sure the Windows system is configured to do everything via DHCP (including DNS and gateway address)

    If all goes well, running “ipconfig” from a command prompt should show your Windows system at 192.168.$foo.something with 192.168.$foo.1 as the gateway.

    Which particular IE errors are you getting?