I’m so cool…

Posted by joy

I don’t need gmail to prove my nerdyness.

11 Responses to “I’m so cool…”

  1. fluffy Says:

    Just for that I’m sending you an invite.

    (It’s not like I’m using my account either.)

  2. Arthur Says:

    That’s so 2004-ish . Happy GMail Day!

  3. Arthur Says:

    Itís not like Iím using my account either.

    I’ve heard that from so many others too, but, for me personally, I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to live without the funny adsense ads in GMail. My whole world turns around Adsense. Adsense changed my world!!!! LOL OMG!!!111

    Oh wait. I have a new g-mail (bad pun intended).

  4. Larry Wright Says:

    Well, if you decide that you need to up your coolness level, I have one invite :)

  5. me Says:

    Please, try judging for yourself. It’s actually a nice and elegant mail system.

  6. fluffy Says:

    You can all stop sending her invites. I sent her an invite right after I posted comment #1.

  7. Starbuck Says:

    For fear of turning this Post into something Joy didn’t intend, I must say that Google is the bee’s knees. At least for cheapskate mutha’s such as myself.

    And I agree with Arthur - the targeted ads are pretty fascinating. And unlike any ads I’ve ever seen before, they can be useful too.

  8. ConfigSys.boy! Says:

    So I guess it is up to me then to break the trend and say, in honor of your security in your own geek credentials, I will NOT send you an invite. I will however continue to refer to you as a queen among Geeks. Gmail does not the Geek make after all.

  9. diffidence » so, who wants a gmail invite? Says:

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  10. Charlie On the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    Uh-oh… guess I won’t ever be cool…

  11. Steve Says:

    :-) No to prove one’s nerdiness they need to use Pine or some such archaic mail app.