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Posted by joy

According to this article on pc-radio.com, Verizon recently sued spammers it claims sent unsolicited cell phone based text messages to Verizon customers.

Most U.S. cellular carriers operate email gateways that forward Internet emails to subscribers’ phones using a technology known as short message service (SMS). Cell-phone spammers target those gateways with software that attempts to automatically generate valid email addresses. Because SMS limits messages to around 160 characters, cell phone spam is usually brief and invites recipients to visit a Web site or call a toll-free number for more information.

Verizon, which boasts 40 million wireless customers in the U.S., said it blocks around 50,000 text-message spams per day. The wireless firm installed a spam filtering system in late February at a cost of around $600,000, according to an affidavit filed in the lawsuit.

Under one of its pricing plans, Verizon Wireless charges users two cents per message for receiving text messages. Verizon said it would credit subscribers who have been charged for receiving spam text messages.

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