Business blogging moving mainstream

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From CNN

IBM sees blogs as a way to revolutionize employee communication, one executive said on the sidelines at the July 23 conference, which attracted about 300 attendees.

“It’s about decreasing social space between employees, and increasing the amount of knowledge shared between people,” said James Spohrer, director of IBM’s Almaden Research Center.

An example of an employee blog, he said, might contain elements of a resume, some of an individual’s educational background and work experience, along with information on product development strategies colleagues and customers can view on a round-the-clock basis.

Company interaction

The sharing of such information between company employees and customers promises to speed feedback on efforts to produce new products and improve business processes, Spohrer said.

One Response to “Business blogging moving mainstream”

  1. particleman Says:

    the first blog at my previous company would go something like:

    “finally figured out why the subways taste like cardboard. we get the leftovers from local subways. lesson learned: if you want a subway, go off-campus.”