Traveling Logistics

Posted by joy

I recently returned from a birthday trip to South Florida. I have to say that I had a great time and surprisingly enough, I do believe it was hotter in Pennsylvania while I was gone than in South Florida.

Since my last trip down there, Southwest Airlines started service between Philly and Ft. Lauderdale and all I have to say is that they just won over a life long customer. I *heart* Southwest Airlines. Thank you for coming to Philly Southwest Airlines. Not only did both of my flights arrive early, but the employees actually made flying pleasurable. (Yes, I do like cheery flight attendants and ground crew who get on the PA system and wish you a good flight.) And I think the best part was when I arrived home at PHL on Tuesday night, my bag made it to baggage claim faster than the time it took me to walk from the gate to baggage claim. How about that for service?

I only wish my car rental experience was as good. It wasn’t the company, which was Hertz (20% discount for AAA members), it was the car. I have two words of advice. Do not rent a “sporty” KIA. Do not rent a sporty KIA when you will be driving in South Florida during the rainy season and you hear the local weather people mention “urban flooding”. South Florida roads apparently do not have good drainage. I learned that the hard way.

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