Just because Wired’s shift key is stuck

Posted by joy

does not mean we all have to follow.

In other words, on my blog, the words Internet, Web and Net will still be capitalized in postings. Those nouns, to me, do not represent a mere publishing system, but they denote places. Places where *I* exist. Places where I have existed for the last decade. And in proper English place names are capitalized.

However, I will note that isn’t it interesting that a Web magazine is declaring that the Internet, Web and Net are “another medium for delivering and receiving information”. Well duh…for Wired is the electronic version vastly different than the paper version? Not really — for Wired, it’s all about delivering content to consumers.

3 Responses to “Just because Wired’s shift key is stuck”

  1. joat Says:

    There is a difference between internet and Internet. One is generic, denoting any network whose function is to connect other networks. The other is specific, denoting the one planet-wide internet which ties it all together.

    If Tony Long has a business card with a job title (such as “Journalist”), I insist he use the lower case form (such as “journalist”), thereby “simply giving the medium its proper due”.

    (heh, thanks for the quote Tony!)

  2. ucblockhead Says:

    I remember a time when Wired’s online version really was different. Back when they gave up on Hotwired was about when they became has-beens.

    BTW: You stopped pinging blo.gs! I thought you’d just been to busy to blog!

  3. Arguing with signposts... Says:

    That’s capital ‘W’
    Wired magazine apparently can’t keep good copy editors, because they’ve decided to ditch the capitalization of words like Internet, Web, and ‘Net. Their pronouncement has all the smugness of a traditional media company “assuming its role as leader…