she’s alive

Posted by joy

Why, yes, yes I am.

Before my head hits the keyboard, let it be known that I now have three computers sitting in my room, two of them laptops. This has something to do with the fact of why I’ve been so busy lately.

7 Responses to “she’s alive”

  1. Julie Lerman Says:

    why are they keeping you so busy? Do they have windows 98 on them or something? :-)

  2. bert Says:

    Three computers? You geek.

  3. sarchi Says:

    split keeeeeeeeeeyboard - split screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeens
    one mouse with ears? no tail yet!

  4. Arthur Says:

    Now you only need to find the right desk!

  5. Harald Says:

    ah; that explains it.

    Oh wait, no it doesn’t! What’s going on?

  6. joe Says:

    Found this page searching for “Tunbridge Fair”, nice pictorial on the fair last year, I see your thread about 3 computers, hope they are all linux if not today’s a good day to dump microsoft.

  7. joat Says:

    You gotta be careful though. If you find yourself blogging from bed, then you’re ready for the 12-step program. :)