15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program

Posted by joy

FAQ found here. And yup, my PowerBook has had a white spot ever since I got it, and today with a darkened desktop I noticed that there are a few more developing white spots.

My 1GHZ is covered by the program, but I dread sending it to Apple for repairs.

3 Responses to “15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program”

  1. bryan Says:

    I know how you feel, but I had to send an iMac in for a hard drive repair a couple of years back, and it was relatively painless. They fixed the problem quickly at a regional service center (IIRC), and sent it back within a couple of weeks.

    Now, if they’d only fix a PB that’s got a cracked lid from accidentally dropping on the pavement. :-)

    Also, there’s a site: PBFixit.com, that sells displays, etc. for powerbooks, and even has instruction manuals on how to install parts if you decide to go that route.

  2. Colin Says:

    Oh no! I have recently noticed that I have two small ones on my iBook. Good thing for applecare. I’ll have to read up more on the issue…

  3. Colin Says:

    Apple has good service. I just got my iBook back in four days including shipping it both ways and getting a logic board change.