This is not what you want to see on your way home from work

Posted by joy


There goes my plans about getting a sedan like car.

So, Tuesday evening, I was blissfully unaware of the horrendous flooding, the tornado which struck a few miles (if that) from my office, and the rain. My 12 minute commute with the Wilmington traffic took over an hour. Actually I wasn’t blissfully unaware, but I was unaware that the road going to my house would look like that (and I didn’t find out about the tornado until after I arrived home). The numerous people I saw parked on the side of the road freaking out on their cell phones should have given me a clue.

The worst part about yesterday was finding the flooded out road and then trying the back way home. Thank god there was a back way. However, when I was taking the back way, I ran into yet another stream 20 feet across or so roaring across the road. This time there was a monster Ford F-150 parked in front of the stream, with a man standing outside in the stream figuring out that at it’s deepest point the stream was to his knees. So, I watched him get back to his truck, and drive across. Then another SUV came from the opposite direction and was able to make it. So, just panicked at the thought that if I didn’t cross then, the local flooding would get worse, and I wouldn’t see my daughter that night, I said a prayer and drove across.

Thankfully I made it, I got to see my daughter and the worst part about last night was that the DSL went out. I know other folks who didn’t get home or their cars were flooded.

5 Responses to “This is not what you want to see on your way home from work”

  1. Arthur Says:

    Was this a leftover storm from one of those Florida Hurricanes?

  2. mns Says:

    Very scary, indeed. Glad you made it home safely, and that even your DSL is now working. Welcome back to the Internet!

  3. Outside The Beltway Says:

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  4. Colin Says:

    Very scary. I have never had to experience any natual disaters like tornados and such being from VT. Well there was that one small earthquake a few years back.

  5. sarchi Says:

    Bless you! good thing it was’nt in the dark???