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Query: Saturday Night

Posted by joy

Why does the Web go suddenly quiet on a Saturday night, it’s not like you all have dates, now is it?

[crickets chirping]


6 Responses to “Query: Saturday Night”

  1. joat Says:

    Me? Took an extra long nap after an extra long week. Could it be like those periodic silences at parties? We were all napping?

  2. Julie Lerman Says:

    worked all day - watched Kill Bill 1 at night …gotta take a break SOMETIME

  3. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    LOL! You know the blogosphere too well…

  4. Harald Says:

    I was in a different city. Without internet access.

    (I know, I know; I might as well be dead :)

  5. bryan Says:

    Could be that they are all out trolling the nightclubs a la night at the roxbury. :-)

  6. Starbuck Says:

    Yeah, noticed that in the UK as well. Perhaps Google only has a skeleton weekend staff to type in all those search results that people request…