Posted by joy

If you’re an up and coming e-commerce HTML Monkey “developer”, please remember the image alt tags. plz thx.

I really, really don’t enjoy cleaning up people’s work, especially for someone’s site design that was all .gif in the first place something so elementary as this.

4 Responses to “rant”

  1. Misanthropyst Says:

    Here’s a Q. for you - is the proper, standards compliant image tag this - img src=”somesource” alt=”somedata” / ? (note the space between the end of the closing double quote around the alt string and the following forward slant).

  2. joy Says:

    Yeah, the forward slash at the end is xhtml complaint, apparently.

  3. Misanthropyst Says:

    Yes, it is required for well formed xml. But, it causes all browsers not to display the alt statement when the cursor is held over the image. I think you then have to use a title=”sometitle” to get that effect.

  4. Misanthropyst Says:

    I just re-coded my DIY Perl blog content management system to do these image tags correctly, as in (with surrounding angle brackets):

    img src=”source” title=”title” alt=”statement” /

    Thanks for the motivation to do it right.