You know you’re in a football crazy town when…

Posted by joy

1) People won’t call you back until AFTER the game is over.

2) You go to a house of worship and you see people, lots of people, wearing team jerseys, sweatshirts, etc… and it’s not even close to the superbowl yet.

3 Responses to “You know you’re in a football crazy town when…”

  1. Harry Says:

    You know you’re in a football crazy town when:
    even the streetbums are wearing logo shirts

    p.s. thanks for the tips on cleaning coffeemakers!

  2. colson Says:

    3) There are more license plates with the abbreviation of the favorite team on them in the town you’re in

    4) College football gets a front page spread in the newspaper on Sunday.

    5) Hormel chili is actually sold out at the local grocer

    6) The local grocery stores actually carry colored tortilla chips in the schools colors

    7) The shoplifting rate dives at the local mall as no one is there

    8) A Saturday night game means you can actually go to a theater and see a movie without having to sit next to someone else

    9) Most of the people in your town have a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the car

    10) You can actually see the police on the road

    11) Nearly every shiny SUV has a trailer hitch or spare tire cover with the local college emblem on it

    12) The homeless ask for the score instead of change

    13) You get glares for wearing the other teams colors accidentally

    14) People actually cry when the team loses

    Yeah, living in a football city sucks.

  3. Colin Says:

    Oh, a new layout.