mail software pondering

Posted by joy

I use Thunderbird on Windows at work for my email needs, and I am just wondering why Thunderbird doesn’t support message bouncing like god’s given does.

5 Responses to “mail software pondering”

  1. me Says:

    Why would you bounce messages?

  2. mns Says:

    In order to discourage spam, perhaps?

  3. DaveW Says:

    It may be because bouncing the message isn’t nearly as good as the email server bouncing it; its value may be more one of perception that actual use…

  4. Arthur Says:

    its value may be more one of perception that actual useā€¦

    I don’t see the point of bouncing messages from within an e-mailer either (Disclaimer: I was a (lead) developer for an open source e-mailer). After all, the headers of these messages will still reveal that the message was received anyways and bounced from within an e-mail client.

  5. fluffy Says:

    There’s at least two reasons to bounce messages, both of which I’ve used many many times:

    - Using procmail rules to train bogofilter
    - Copying a message from one non-IMAP email account to another

    Note that this uses the casual meaning of “bounce” and not, like, mailer-daemon responses, which doesn’t support anyway.