Y!Q - wtf?

Posted by joy

Yahoo research just released a beta of a new contextual search technology they call Y!Q. The basic idea behind it is that you, the Web reader, can click on words or phrases on a Web page and open up a contextual window with results from Yahoo. Here’s the Yahoo Search blog entry about the conception of the idea.

As a Web master, in order to get Y!Q to work, you have to embed javascript and additional non-standard tags into your Web page.

So, tell me again why I would want to include Y!Q tags, just so I can make my page size larger (with javascript at that) and then lead people off of my page with results from Yahoo?

My call on it is that it’s a technically interesting idea, the execution needs much more (like, say, standards) but I don’t see real world applications for a professional Web master. Link farms, on the other hand, will probably benefit..

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