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I had one of those “I feel like an utter loser” moments today. My daughter has been sick for the past few days with a low but persistent fever, stomach upset, her throat hurting her. I didn’t think much of it when I first discovered she was sick, but by last night I knew that I should make an appointment for her at the pediatrician’s. So, this morning, she isn’t feeling too hot, and I make the appointment.

After I make the appointment, I helped her get dressed and I see that she has a prickly heat looking like rash. What the heck?

At the pediatrician, the nurse is dutifully examining her and I mention the rash. The nurse takes one look at the rash and tells me “Yep, it sure looks like strep throat. We’ll have to take a culture, but I’m sure it’s strep.” It turns out it was strep. I had no clue. I never had it as a kid.

Update: 2/9/05: She’s better now and even went to school today.

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  1. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    One of the few things that can truly rattle a parent is when their kid gets something that heretofoe the parent has never experienced. Its one thing if we get a ‘mystery’ ailment, but quite another when its our kidlet’s.

    Glad she’s feeling better.