cheap date

Posted by joy

Indian food for one (palak paneer, goat biryani and naan) …$25
Bottle of cheap, but tasty Italian sparkling wine called il prosecco…article, product page, commercials…$12
Magazines from Borders bought to ego surf because of work … $10
At home on a Friday night…so NOT priceless

One Response to “cheap date”

  1. Yogi Says:

    I was checking the cpanel reports and saw this URL for this page. well
    I clicked and her I am. No metion of the website but..
    I liked the cheap story from Joy… She should have tried to sip
    Old Monk with Paalak Paneer or chugged down the Golden Eagle with the
    Goat Biryani.. but the Golden Eagle has to be at 50 deg F..
    Joy! did you the best Rum in the world is Golden Eagle,
    if you ever get a chance try it and smile..