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Highlander Hybrid (you absolutely suck Toyota)

Posted by joy

Today I got a note from Toyota announcing that their Highlander Hybrid is now on sale and will be ready for delivery in June. That is the good news.

However, I did receive a completely nasty surprise to find out that the low end 4×4 Highlander will cost a whopping $34,430. Yup, you read that right. As compared to the base Highlander which cars.com is quoting me a starting MSRP of $25,680.

So, even figuring the $2,000 tax incentive that we’d have this year to purchase a hybrid car, we’re still talking a car that would cost me at least $32K, which is ridiculous - hybrid or not.

I am beyond consolation. Toyota screwed up on this one.

4 Responses to “Highlander Hybrid (you absolutely suck Toyota)”

  1. fluffy Says:

    The tech in a hybrid currently adds about $10K to the cost of any car (for example, the Civic Hybrid is $10k more than the normal Civic). I don’t know if it really costs $10K more to manufacture but hybrids are still something of a “luxury” item, and are currently targeted at yuppies who want to feel good about helping the environment even though their total environmental impact is arguably more than for a conventional car.

    Working out TCO isn’t too difficult, though, but even for heavy drivers (like with a long commute etc.) the TCO doesn’t balance it out. (For example, if you drive 2400 miles per month, and the hybrid version gets you 45MPG while the conventional version gets you 30MPG, that’s really only a savings of about 30 gallons per month.)

    So, until hybrids are as cheap as conventional cars, they’re really only there to stroke the ego of people who want to pretend to be doing good for the environment etc.

  2. me Says:

    And the dealers are charging $3,950 mark up fees. Toyota sucks and their dealers suck. Way to screw environmentally concerned customers.

  3. Jarrett Says:

    Yes the mark up seems right. Do you even know what components in the Hybrid Highlander to make it so expensive. The battary alone cost about 5000 if it needed to be replaced and their is other technololgy that is expensive. Look at the mark up of the first regional Prius it was about $ 10 000 more then a corolla which was the same size. A $ 4000 mark up is reasponsible. Come up to Canada where the Hybrid highlander starts $44 000

  4. Tyler Durden Says:

    in response to jarrett,
    i feel that i must say you are a complete moron. if i read your comment correctly [and i am not sure that i do, because you seem to have two left hands and a definite case of dislexia] you are attempting to say that the battery for a hybrid is five thousand to replace. this is, i assume, the price at a repair shop. this means that it would be considerably less to mass produce it, from a munufacturer’s perspective. Even if your misguided attempt at reason was somehow to be construed as a logical statement and taken into consideration, then you are apparently condoning toyota’s policy of adding an unexplained $5000.00 on to the price tag of their hybrids merely for profit. Since this stretch of imagination required to understand your disfuntional mind’s distorted perceptions of reality is, quite frankly, impossible, we will just discard your comment as pure nonsense, not worthy of an intellectual’s attention.
    Your friend Tyler Durden
    P.S. i don’t know what language you use up there in Mounty-Land, but down here in the states we speak english. learn to speak it mother******.