fraidy cat tech columnists

Posted by joy

Whenever I read, John Fried’s tech column in the Inquirer [real cities reg required], I just get to wondering if he’s afraid of actually advising someone to use a Mac since he always has to end his if you switch to a Mac answer with this….

The vast majority of virus and spyware attacks are on Windows. But you should still protect your PowerBook with a firewall, an antivirus program and antispyware software.

I mean, I just wonder how many of my readers are using a Mac based antivirus program and Mac based antispyware program???

One Response to “fraidy cat tech columnists”

  1. Iain Says:

    Actually, I am. It makes perfect sense to; I share the same email, files etc with a Windows system as well. Therefore I’d like early warning on such stuff.

    I believe it to be a mere matter of time before some halfway-decent worm or virus attempt is made on/for the Mac. Nothing rules it out, mind; no OS can be provably demonstrated to be secure against such attacks. At that time said journalist’s attitude will be anything other than mere paranoia.