Posted by joy

Ok, so it’s a quiet Saturday night at home, and I’m messing around on my laptop and I get this grand idea of rummaging through my iTunes playlist…and I find Hootie and the Blowfish…so decidedly getting nostalgic for golf rock and 1996, I start playing Cracked Rear View…and wondering where Hootie has gotten to.

So, yes Virginia, there is an official Hootie Web site and apparently the guys are going on tour playing some third tier places this summer.

A road trip is in order my friends…

2 Responses to “Hootie”

  1. bert Says:

    And here I thought all Hootie was up to was singing in BK commercials.

    I’ll admit though I have that same CD…and checked out the tour dates. Nothing close to me, but Vegas maybe? hmmmm….

  2. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    I do like that CD… I use them as an example of whats wrong in the music industry: new bands work and sweat to get a recording contract. They get one, and put their absolute best work into it. If its a bomb, no one hears of them again. If it goes gold/platinuum, the cry is ‘well, do it again!’

    In the old days, bands used to get 2-3 records to flesh out their sound. So even if they hit big with frst LP, in a year or so they can (conceiveably) do it again.

    I haven’t been to a show in over 10 years, so I’ll have to wait to read your review…

    Gotta rave about ‘Let her cry’…