Netscape 8.0 — stupidly irrelevant

Posted by joy

Ok, since my day job has something to do with designing Web sites, I thought I’d download and take a look at the new Netscape 8.0.

Anyway, tried it out and such and while it’s basically Firefox with a different skin (and outdated engine since it is built on 1.0.3), I don’t really have anything nice to say about the browser.

You see, the big new Netscape marketing push is about trust and security since the browser allegedly “checks” if the site you are visiting is trustworthy. While that sounds all well and good, the browser apparently only “checks” sites that are registered with Verisign or Trust-e and if the site is registered with either of these two certifiying authorities, the browser will show a green shield.

Great. So, if you’re not using the trust mafia, your site does not have a green shield displayed in the browser.

The reason why this practice is wrong is that I, as a site owner now have to pay money to a company to verify my site. Unlike, say, SSL, where I don’t have to pay an SSL provider unless I want them to do the work for me.

One Response to “Netscape 8.0 — stupidly irrelevant”

  1. arcatan Says:

    I’m just wondering as if they’re using Firefox 1.0.3 in Netscape 8.0, if they still have this very critical security hole, which is fixed in 1.0.4..