contest: What song should I download?

Posted by joy

I’m looking at my extremely messy desk right now and I have a free iTunes bottle cap. Since I managed to OD on Beck’s Guero this past weekend (oh, good memories associated with it), I have the extremely pressing question of What new music I should download?

I can’t give the winner much, but I’m sure the bragging rights will be enough…

Oh, whoopsy…I seem to have missed the April 30th redemption deadline… Ok, well if the song is that good, I’ll spend the 99 cents on it.

4 Responses to “contest: What song should I download?”

  1. DaveW Says:

    MacNN reports that today is the last day you can redeem that bottle cap, so go for it!

    Here’s what’s in heavy rotation on my iPod:
    Stay (Natalie)
    Goin Crazy (Natalie again)
    (actually the whole damn album is great)
    Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)
    La Tortura (Shakira)

  2. bert Says:

    “Achy-breaky heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus. Because nothing says heartbreak like mullets and line-dancing.

  3. particleman Says:

    i’ll second the Gorillaz suggestion.

  4. joy Says:

    ooooh the Gorillaz suggestion is intriguing….. I love the first album….