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Posted by joy

Over the long weekend I purchased a Sony SDM-HS75 external display for my super cool geek setup at home (i.e. I’ll be bringing home the work laptop much more often now).

Since I use a 19″ Sony SDM display at work, I figured the easiest thing to do would be to see if there was a similar Sony model on display at the local electronics retailer. So, this is how I picked up the Sony.

The good things about the monitor…setup was dead simple and since my work laptop already is configured for dual display goodness, I was able to just plug and play.

One unfortunate consequence is that I went through a bit of troubleshooting to figure out why the PowerBook wasn’t able to show an image on the Sony screen. I could see that the monitor was detected and all, but no image…until I found out that PowerBooks can only use external monitors with the lid closed.

No extended OS X desktop for me.

9 Responses to “dual display”

  1. Paul Says:

    That’s not true - I use my PowerBook with an external monitor for dual-display extended-OS-X-desktop constantly. Even the Apple KnowledgeBase article you linked to doesn’t say anything about closing the lid.

  2. bert Says:

    Hah, that’s nothing, check out my super-cool monitor http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0002DJPFQ.16._AA260_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

  3. jpw Says:

    Newer G4 PBs support this. Time to upgrade!

  4. fluffy Says:

    Yeah, I have a 23″ HD monitor which I run dualhead on my 12″ Powerbook all the damn time.

  5. jpw Says:

    Folks - she obviously has the “original” G4 PB, which only has 8MB of VRAM. This isn’t enough to support a large external monitor and the LCD with any decent size and/or color depth, so you can’t use both.

    You all obviously have newer G4 PBs which do support this.

  6. Arthur Says:

    Yeah, I have a 23″ HD monitor which I run dualhead on my 12″ Powerbook all the damn time.

    (Fluffy wins!)

  7. Me Says:

    You are even hotter with two monitors.

  8. Me Says:

    ahhh cmon …. let me post a comment

  9. Evgeny Says:

    Tell me please what is vertical scanning frequency on your SDM-HS75.
    Thank you

    I had problems with 75Hz frequency after week of working… and switch it to 60 Hz